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I have been treated by Kimberley for muscular issues that were affected my quality of life.  Over the course of treatment I experienced significant pain relief and increased flexibility.  I have found her to be compassionate, professional, and above all, extremely skilled in her craft.  I have referred many others through to Kimberley based on my own experience, for issues such as back problems, osteoporosis, arthritis, headaches, etc.  She is highly experienced, and offers treatment that really works.


Tracey Loughran, Naturopath

Massage I believe is a vital part of my/everyones wellbeing.  I have been going regularly to Kimberley for over a year.  Kimberley is just amazing as she knows just what needs to be worked on.  She has always made me feel at ease together with having alot of knowledge and is very kind.

I have suffered from bad migraines for many years and have tried various medications and many GP visits, it wasn’t until I started coming to Kimberley that they stopped, this has changed my everyday life.

Kimberley is more than a Massage Therapist she is a breath of fresh air.

Tash Columbus


I had terrible pain in my hips and lower back. The foot joint moblisation therapy helped so much, even after the first session the pain had lessened, and by the 3-4 time it was completely gone.

Kimberley Marsh has treated me on and off now for several years. I have been astounded by her skill as a body worker. Kimberley has a deep understanding of the anatomy combined with a sensitive intuition that guides her to areas and techniques specific for the client she works with at the needs of the time. One of the things that impresses me about her work is that it continues to evolve as she grows and that she is always on the quest for greater knowledge and understanding. This is a strong combination. I can honestly say Kimberley is one of the best body workers I have come across.

Jay Ray Psychosynthesis Therapist and Author www.spiritflight.co.nz

I have been treated by both Stefan and Kimberley for over a year after unsuccessful physiotherapy and acupuncture treatment for a pinched sciatic nerve which had left me in pain and with restricted mobility. Whereas acupuncture gave me up to three to five days relief and  physiotherapy was largely unhelpful, I found that therapeutic massage initially gave up to a weeks and then almost total relief from pain and restored mobility. Both Stefan and Kimberley provide a client centered, friendly, and effective therapeutic intervention and would highly recommend them to anyone suffering from the same condition as myself.

Dr Graeme Dixon  (PhD) Health Psychologist

I have been going to Kimberley Marsh for therapeutic massage regularly for the past 4 years, weekly during time when I am at work.  This has been of great help to me.

I have a history of severe back pain radiating to the legs (laterally sometimes all the way to the little toes) from a slipped disc which damaged the nerves at the base of my spine. The main residual symptom is pins-and-needles in the lateral thighs. Sometimes my legs go into spasm due to partial loss of the reflexes that regulate their tone. I have mild spasticity, weakness and sensory impairment.


I have been seeing Kimberley periodically over the last two years for deep tissue massage to relieve symptoms of occupational overuse syndrome.  Kimberley has a wonderful touch and always manages to find the right spots; working deep into the muscles to release tension and knots.   My first massage was quite a workout and I felt like jelly afterwards... it was great.

Kimberley’s room is intimate, tastefully decorated, clean and calming.  I love the electric blanket on the massage table which is always warm and comfortable.  Background music is available on request and I can personally recommend this for a truly relaxing experience.

Kimberley is a multi talented lady.  She is a qualified naturopath with a true affinity for plants and their medicinal qualities.  She is a level 2 Reiki practitioner and is open to learning and trying new techniques.  In addition to her regular massage, Kimberley had recently developed ‘Subtle Energy Healing’ which incorporates healing with physical massage.   I am looking forward to giving this a go.

I love Kimberly’s holistic and adaptable approach to massage therapy.

Both Kimberley and Stefan have been such a blessing to me. I was sexually abused for years growing up, and massage had a huge part to play in that. I was always scared of massage and the triggers it had for me. Massage was not something I enjoyed and was full of negative connotations. I was also very self conscious about my self harm scars.

I decided that for me, massage was crucial in my healing. So I searched for a female in a private practice and found Kimberley. Throughout the whole process, Kimberley was there with me and beside me. She was there through the triggers, the tears and the anger. She had empathy flowing through her. She was there through the breakthroughs and the laughter. She was 100% with me. Stefan was also amazingly supportive as we worked through this together to retrain my mind and body.

Together with my faith in God, counselling and a very supportive group of friends and family, I am ecstatic to say that massage now holds no triggers, and now is very enjoyable. I am so much stronger and happier now than I ever thought was possible. Kimberley is very skilled in what she does. She has a genuine compassion for people that shines though. I am very happy to now call her a friend.

I thank God for both Kimberley and Stefan. Hope is real. Healing is possible. It has been a long journey, but I encourage anyone who feels like they are ready to take that step and has a solid support system, to seek healing in whatever way works for them.